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appear every Tuesday in the San Francisco Chronicle on the back page of the Datebook Section. His father, former San Francisco Chronicle and nationally syndicated columnist Arthur Hoppe, wrote for a living. Fortunately,  Nick has other means of support. His topics include business columns relating to the common absurdities of owning a business (he owns restaurants and retail stores throughout  California), general lifestyle columns, and travel columns.
But no matter what he is writing about, rest assured that he is not taking it too seriously.


(Posted May 22, 2018)
   I was having a conversation with some conservative friends the other night about the homeless problem in San Francisco. Not surprisingly, they had the solution.
   "Round them up and take them to a shelter, and don't let them out until they're clean, sober and ready to contribute to society," one of them said as the other nodded in agreement.
   They had arguments as to why this wouldn't infringe on civil liberties. And they had arguments as to how it would work. I didn't agree, but that's not the point I want to make. I had no miraculous ideas of my own for our extremely unfortunate homeless problem. Believe me, I wish I did... (continue)


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