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appear every Tuesday in the San Francisco Chronicle on the back page of the Datebook Section. His father, former San Francisco Chronicle and nationally syndicated columnist Arthur Hoppe, wrote for a living. Fortunately,  Nick has other means of support. His topics include business columns relating to the common absurdities of owning a business (he owns restaurants and retail stores throughout  California), general lifestyle columns, and travel columns.
But no matter what he is writing about, rest assured that he is not taking it too seriously.

(Posted April 24, 2018)
   I visited an old friend at his nursing home the other day. He is 93 and nearing the end of his decorated, incredibly successful life. His eyes are tired, he doesn't hear well, and he shuffles around in a walker.
   He was delighted to see me and I was delighted to see him, not only because he's a wonderful man, but because he makes me feel young in comparison.
   Men or women who hang out with younger crowds have it all wrong. The secret to feeling young is hanging around people much older than you. And there's always someone older than you... (continue)


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