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appear every Tuesday in the San Francisco Chronicle on the back page of the Datebook Section. His father, former San Francisco Chronicle and nationally syndicated columnist Arthur Hoppe, wrote for a living. Fortunately,  Nick has other means of support. His topics include business columns relating to the common absurdities of owning a business (he owns restaurants and retail stores throughout  California), general lifestyle columns, and travel columns.
But no matter what he is writing about, rest assured that he is not taking it too seriously.


(Posted February 13, 2018)
   (Note to readers: I wrote this column three years ago when my mother died, before I started writing for The Chronicle. Since it was never published, I'm running it now, in memory of my mother and her remarkable attitude about life.)

   I hear it all the time. People telling me they don't want to live to an age where they are a shadow of their former selves. If they aren't in relatively full charge of their physical abilities, they'd prefer not to be there at all.
   Everyone obviously has the right to their opinion regarding old age, but when I hear those words, I think…. if only they had met my mother... (continue)


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