Are you an entrepreneur?

   Over the course of my career as a business owner, one or two people have asked me what it takes, deep down inside, to be an entrepreneur.
   Because I always answered with a blank stare, Iím sure they decided it didnít take much. So after much belated thought, I have come up with the definitive entrepreneur test.

                 The entrepreneur test
     Please answer each question as honestly as possible. Scores will be tabulated by a grading system which is detailed at the end of the test. (Note: Those who have already peeked at the grading system may stop here. Seeking an early advantage is a true test of entrepreneurial skills. You have passed.)

Question No. 1
: You are caught in a horrendous freeway traffic jam but are in absolutely no hurry to get anywhere. What do you do?

1. Relax, sit back, put on a Vivaldi tape and be grateful youíre in no rush.

2. Close your eyes and visualize clear moving traffic, only to open them and be depressed again.

3. Fiercely grip the steering wheel, change lanes four times per minute and bounce up and down in your seat.

4. Take the first exit you can find, weave through side streets at breakneck speeds, get lost three times, then re-enter the traffic jam one mile back of where you would have been had you chosen Option No. 1.

Question No. 2: You are buying your son a bicycle for his birthday. You can save $12 if purchased unassembled. What do you do?

1. Pay the $12 and live a long, healthy, happy life.

2. Pay the $12 and curse yourself for being a spoiled, unmechanical wimp.

3. Do not pay the $12, bring it home, spend six bloody, frustrating hours putting it together and then watch as the wheel collapses when your son takes his first ride down the street.

4. Do not pay the $12, bring it home, and offer the babysitter $6 to do the job after the kids are in bed, knowing youíll go to $8 if pressed.

Question No. 3: Your spouse or a good friend casually mentions a brilliant money-making idea. What do you do?

1. Ignore them and do nothing.

2. Acknowledge that the idea is terrific and do nothing.

3. Act on the excellent idea and forever sing the praises of the brilliant thinkers who came up with the idea in the first place.

4. Act on the idea, gradually assuming it was your idea to begin with. When complimented, take all credit.

Question No. 4: Your grandfather has just died, leaving you his treasured collection of rare books. You are offered $10,000 for the entire set. What do you do?

1. Steadfastly refuse to sell, citing the memory of your grandfather.

2. Refuse to sell, but suggest the buyer check back in a year or two.

3. Sell in a New York minute, hoping your grandfather would understand if you could ask him about it, which fortunately you cannot.

4. Hold your head up high and adamantly refuse to sell the whole collection, realizing you can probably generate more income by selling each book separately.

Bonus Question: Youíre doing some construction work around your house and are not sure if you need a permit. What do you do?

1. Ask any comply.

2. Ask and almost comply.

3. Ask and donít comply.

4. Donít ask.

That concludes the test. Add the total numbers from your answers and look below to score your entrepreneurial aptitude.

Score 0-5: Hereís a hint Ė your score kind of gives it away.

Score 6-10: If someone gave you a guaranteed lifetime salary, you might consider opening your own business.

Score 11-15: The inspiration is there, it just needs refining. Definitely some major potential.

Score 16-20: Quit your job, sell your house, and follow your dreams. You are an entrepreneur and can now spend the rest of your life wishing you had scored 0-5.


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